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the latest on astro-knights island it might be coming out inbeetween june 15th-june 30th

Monday, June 1, 2009

stroll down mainstreet

doe's anyone know where this armadilo is i think he's quite cute

here's how to get it

Important: This glitch will only work if you haven’t completed the 24 Carrot quest. Make a new user to try it out though. This glitch will change your whole costume into Dr. Hare. Remember that anything you were wearing will be lost.

  1. Head over to 24 Carrot Island via the blimp.
  2. Complete most of the quest until you get to the end when you are about to enter the codes onto the computer.
    [For more information and help on completing 24 Carrot Quest click here.]
  3. Enter the codes to become control of Dr. Hares ship.
  4. Now the aim here is to crash into the asteroids to destroy his ship. When you crash into the asteroids his face pops up saying “Rawr, Rawr, Rawr! Don’t do that!”
  5. When his face pops up click and hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [S]. This should change his skin color/colour.
  6. When his face pops up again press the same buttons to change his skin again. (This is just to make sure you did it the first time.)
  7. Crash his ship completely and you should be out of the game. BUT WAIT! I’m still myself!
  8. Head down to the bottom and walk out the door on the left. You should now feel and look different. :P
  9. Go into items and use the telaporter to go back to the top.
  10. CONGRATULATIONS! You are now Dr. Hare!
here are some cheat code's

new header

like the new header i know it's a little odd looking but i still like it

ok so i don't know about you but i can't wait for astro-knights to come out in the mean time the "robo flu" has calmed and AK will not be delayed do to the "robo flu"

Sunday, May 31, 2009

ok so i'm badly in need of some new authors any one please
all of the previous post were by the poptropica help blog